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18/01/2005 08:02:37   Richard   OK ditched the Vaux and got my shed V4 out in the snow. Only 5 mins longer over the Strines in 2 - 3 inches. Great beast.  
18/01/2005 13:17:19   Tom   Well, although i drained my battery trying to start my V4, i used the portable, got it started and it sailed through the snow even on 165's.  
19/01/2005 20:58:31   simon   That's not fair!
I've even got two sledges in the attic waiting for the white stuff - been in there years!
Simon, Sussex.  
20/01/2005 19:17:40   Alistair   Bugger. I was in London when it snowed. Would have been comical to see how badly the beige barge performed on its super sticky 225 Eagle F1s in the snow ;-)  
21/01/2005 07:57:57   Richard   Well if you get that V4 sorted you would not need worry your little head.  

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