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19/01/2005 13:43:55   Mel windsor   We are looking at remanufacturing V4 door mirrors.
we have a supplier sorted but minimum qty is 500 units.
They will retail @ 38.50 + the Vodka And Tonic.
We need to gauge the feedback on this as to its viability.  
19/01/2005 14:14:38   ian b   Mel what will they be made from, not alloy hopefully,and would they have convex glass,which would make them practical as well as looking cool!  
19/01/2005 16:34:49   Richard   I think you could sell a few, there are always people wanting them.  
19/01/2005 20:35:37   john   I cannot see you ever selling 500 of them at 45 a pop going by british V4 usage.

19/01/2005 20:47:45   simon   Dear Mel,
is the price for single or pair of units?
FYI; I am ALWAYS asked for these and have shipped s/h units as far away as the Middle East.  
20/01/2005 19:15:45   Alistair   I've sold 5 imperfect ones in the last 6 months and I've only got 2 good uns left...If that is 45 a pair I think you'll do OK, but it will take some time to shift 250 pairs. If 45 each I think you'll be left with a lot of stock for a long time.

I've only got about 500 V4s on the Register, and many of these will not be used/may even have been scrapped. Obviously you'd sell some to 2 stroke owners too.

I would say go for it provided the price is per pair...if not, I wouldn't leap in just yet.
21/01/2005 17:31:10   cassie   mel I need a pair give me aring on 07816214774
21/01/2005 21:14:57   ian f  
Judging by the pair that have just sold on eBay for 104 (151 Euros), the lads at Highgate are about right with their pricing.

To my mind it would be marked improvement on the originals if the mirror housings/shells could be made in stainless steel rather than aluminium. Any comments?
22/01/2005 16:52:59   Iain   I'd buy some!  
23/01/2005 02:26:18   ian b   Maybe we should have a forum just for ian's, we seem to be multiplying out of control!!
Alistair how do you go about getting on the register?  
24/01/2005 09:11:41   Alistair   104 for a pair? Damn, I'm FAR too cheap, or maybe just not greedy enough (I sold mine for barely a tenth of that price!).

As for registering your car, are you an SOC member? If so, just drop me an email & I'll send you the forms, if not, why not?!  
24/01/2005 12:15:29   Richard   You better send some the forms, I dont think I am registered  
24/01/2005 12:56:38   Andrew   I need a pair!  
24/01/2005 14:48:29   Richard G   I need one, but I might consider a pair if the price was right.  
13/02/2005 20:52:39   Horst Pokroppa   some german guys would be interested in new door mirrors but 45 quid for a single mirror is a hell lot of money - could you mail me the approx. price for a pair and your email-adress so the german club members could do a firm order?? kind rgds horst  
14/02/2005 19:25:56   Jon   I've just bought one mirror for 28 on ebay!  

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