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19/01/2005 23:18:11   Mat   Hi. I'm thinking of starting of restoring my Dad's 96 V4 with some inheritance money I acquired recently. Has anyone got any tips as I'm trying to gather as much info as possible so I can draw up a bit of a budget. I know its a big subject but anything will help. Thanks very much.

20/01/2005 10:28:12   Senor Burt   Depends what sort of state it's in at the moment and how good you want it to be when it's finished.
Generally V4's tend not to need a huge amount of work to get them roadworthy, but if you want to get it into show condition you will always need to spend large amounts of time and a fair bit of money.
Learn to weld would perhaps be a good tip.
Most parts are still available from somewhere or another.  
20/01/2005 12:49:48   Richard   You need to check the shell over for rust in the floors, sills, boot area, top of the back seats, engine bay floor etc. See if you can get the engine running to assess the mechanical parts.
You will need to rebuild the brakes and replace the rubber hoses and seals.
We can help point you in the right direction once you have assessed the car and decided where you want to go with it.  
20/01/2005 15:15:34   Mat   Cheers guys. There's a little bit of rust around the windows and windscreen seals. The engine runs quite nicely but I think the clutch has gone. I'm reading through a haynes manual at the moment, trying to find out what is worth replacing will i'm working on it. Will be asking for more advice soon no doubt. Thanks for your help. Its a great site.  
20/01/2005 19:35:17   Alistair   If the car has been laid up a while, it's likely the clutch will have seized - if you search thru the last few months posts on this site you'll find some suggestions for freeing them up - some are more heath robinson than others (mostly mine)!

When you say a little bit of rust around windows & windscreen seals, what do you mean? What you see on the surface can often be much worse when you start trying to sort it, and in those locations it can be very tricky to do.

But, if you've never done any of this sort of thing before, it's a great way to learn how a car is put together and how to look after 'em.

Budget-wise, depends on how much you can/are willing to do yourself, how bad the car is, how quickly you want it doing. It's very easy to shake up a couple of grand, but some people have thrown 5-figure sums at their cars.  
20/01/2005 20:56:53   Mat   The car was running about a year ago when suddenly about 3 miles from my house my dad couldn't change gear and had to nurse her home, so I think the clutch will need replacing.

I can't check the car at the moment because I'm in uni. I'm just gathering info for the summer. It was checked by a garage and I know they did a bit of welding underneath but my dad fell out with the owner over the how much the bill was going to be so I'm not sure what was finished.

When I go back home over easter I check the body work and pick at the rust to see how bad it is.

Last time I drove it, it handled like a boat. Do you think this is knackered suspension or is this the usual. If so how can I improve the handling?

Thanks for the help so far. Much appreciated.  
21/01/2005 15:35:12   Mat   Just discovered the link to all the past posts. Plenty of info for me to route through. Thanks for all your help. Will hopefully be able to give some advice myself by september.

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