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22/01/2005 22:35:15   Peter Klosowski   I am located in Australia where few Saab 96 exist and I am having problems with an engine I just rebuilt. It has new bearings, crank grind , new over size rings , shaved head , reseat valves and new valve seals new plugs , dizzy cap leads Carby rebuild etc.

The problem I have is that the engine runs fine for about 5 minutes and then runs real rough as though one of the cylinders is misfiring. The valves are set correctly at 14 & 16 thou , timing and spark plus OK carbie ok the pressures in the cylinder head are OK. No water evident in the sump oil

No gaskets are available down here so I made all new gaskets myself, I made the head gaskets out of annealed copper but they have since failed so I had a local gasket company to make a set of new head gaskets at great expense. The only gasket I can think is IFFY is the inlet manifold gasket but have changed several times just in case.

Sometimes a couple of large bubbles come though in the radiator (donít think a radiator bleed problem) not lots of tiny bubbles which would suggest a blown head gasket.

I am at wits end as I have made 3 sets of head gaskets and several inlet manifold gaskets ( used old gaskets as temples ) and spent many hours trying to rectify . the water pump also fell to bits and I made a complete new water pump and housing on my lathe and mill .

I have rebuilt many engines but this one is trying my patients .

Do you think it could be the head gasket ?

Do you think it could be the inlet manifold gasket letting in water from one of the water jackets under the inlet port to one of the cylinders ?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Peter Klosowski
23/01/2005 12:16:20   Senor Burt   If you have standard ignition system on it, it could be the condenser on the distributor. This tends to go iffy as it warms up.
If you think it isn't running on all 4 cylinders, try pulling the HT leads off the plugs one at a time (with insulated pliers!). If you pull a particular one and it doesn't change the running of the engine, at least you can identify the cylinder that has the problem.  
23/01/2005 12:55:05   Peter Klosowski   Thanks It has a new condenser , I have found that it has a sticky cam follower on number 2 exhust . it sticks every now and then and this leaves the exhust valve open hense no compresion.
24/01/2005 12:30:03   Richard   I would check the follower, rocker arm on the shaft and the exhaust valve are not too tight. You need more clearence on the exhaust valve guide than the inlet due to the extra heat the valve picks up.
Look for solidified oil in the follower bore. You should have dont this on the rebuild. Are you using the original followers or new? If you are using the originals they should be marked up and put back in the same bore they came from.  
25/01/2005 15:47:51   christopher   gratulations, seems like you`ve already found the reason for your motors problems.
but, by the way, why such a lot of time and, as i guess, money for re-making things (as the head gaskets) that you still can buy ?
i think, even the (surely high) shipping costs to australia are worth this convenience....
i`m far from making "propaganda" for any dealer, but "" and "" could supply a lot of spares that i needed for the restoration of my 96.

greetings from far away, christoph  
25/01/2005 16:39:17   Richard   Find someone going on holiday over here and get them to bring back some bits and bobs.  
25/01/2005 17:45:59   Senor Burt   A set of gaskets wouldn't cost much to post to Oz, although they could take a while to get there. They and many other 96 parts are easily available new in Europe. Including water pumps.  

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