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15/11/2002 11:59:05   Nick Ayliffe   I could do with some tips and advice on replacing the speedo cable on my right hand drive 1975 96 V4. I know it is going to be a fiddly job but any tips on how to minimise the frustration I foresee would be greatly appreciated  
17/11/2002 17:05:07   bill rawles   I've never done this job in its entirety but have done the various elements that would be required.

Inside the car - not too bad, remove the fresh air vents from the centre of the dash, undo the two screws on the bottom and they drop down, push fit onto the air pipe. You can now get fairly good access to the back of the speedo. Make a note of the various electrical connections to the warning lights then disconnect them. The speedo body is held in by two knurled fastnings holding a clamp. Whizz them off and the entire speedo should start coming out through the front of the dash. The speedo cable itself is held in by two molded plastic tongues which you need to squeeze and pull simultaniously to remove from the back of the speedo body.

That was the easy bit!!!

Under the bonnet - remove the washer resevoir and also I found it easier with the battery out as well. Presumably you have traced where the cable comes through the bulk head, it is just above and behind the battery, follow it down into the murkey depths under the battery tray. The cable is held onto the gearbox by a threaded connector that does not have any spanner flats but just a kind of serrated surface that you can only grip with something like a pipe wrench or small mole grips. This is your problem area because you need triple jointed wrists and an inflatable pipe wrench to get in there!!

Once both ends are detatched it should be fairly simple to thread the old cable out and thread the new cable in - (thats the bit I have never done!)

Before connecting the ends of the new cable though check to see where the break actually is if you don't already know - you might have to fish a stub of the old innard out of the speedo or horror of horrors the gearbox end.

Refitting as they say is the reversal of removal.

In retrospect I would recommend starting with the gearbox end of the cable just in case you have to admit defeat and pay some-one to do it.

Good luck!!!  
18/11/2002 10:44:37   Tom Monaghan   I've done it twice and i'd agree that the gearbox side is the crucial one to check first. They tend to rot at this side and putting old ones in is not always economical. I bought a used one from Nick Senecal and it went within a few weeks.

It's an easy job to do though - but you might need ape length arms as you have to reach around the battery tray.  
19/11/2002 07:23:28   bill rawles   Hi Tom

Where did you get a new one from?  
19/11/2002 14:37:30   Tom Monaghan   I picked it up for an autoparts rally.  
27/11/2002 12:22:26   Nick Ayliffe   Thanks for the replies. I bought a replacement cable from Highgate Saab and replaced it with relative ease. It has however snapped after just two weeks which is a right pain in the proverbial. If anyone has a new one I would be very pleased to hear about it!  
24/06/2003 13:15:59   Nick   Another cable from the guys at Highgate has now lasted for a few months, was a relative doddle to fit to my amazement. New gas shocks on the front have brought the suspension back to enjoying the roundabouts again!  

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