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25/01/2005 00:02:36   Tom   hi,

I am thinking of fitting a new steering wheel to my saab, can u tell what tpes will fit? And from what cars can i get steering wheels that will be a straight fit? Hope u can help.  
25/01/2005 10:26:48   Richard   You need to get a boss with the wheel. Mountney and Astrali wheels use the same number of fixing holes. Motolita (original Saab sports wheel) uses more fixing holes on to the boss.
These are your only options, other than the different Saab 96 wheels.  
25/01/2005 12:17:27   Andrew   Does anyone supply new 'original' or as new Saab steering wheels?  
25/01/2005 15:15:21   Richard   Not the original ones on the car. You could see if motolita will make a sport and rally style wheel.  
25/01/2005 15:19:17   jonny   Motolita, still do the original type sport and rally wheel which I have on my car, the last time I looked it was about 180 with the boss, it has no dish and is a decent size, it feels much better than other aftermarket wheels I have had, if your car is an early one and you are not too bothered about originality a rubber one from a late 96 is a good bet.

11/05/2005 12:15:36   Pat   Hi Tom --- if you haven't got a wheel yet I think I might have a Motolita for a 96 lurking in the garage somewhere -- let me know if interested and I will try and find  

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