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25/01/2005 10:59:13   paul   Hi
my vacuum advance has died, and since it doesnt look very detachable from the dizzy I think im going to have to source another dizzy. Does anyone know if a v6 dizzy would fit if i swaped the timing cams over? I was hoping to find one in a scrapyard...

25/01/2005 15:23:01   Richard   Well it will not do any damage if the vacuum advance does not work. You can detach the vac unit, but it is a bit fiddly. I would suggest a wanted add for a dizzy in good condition would be your best bet. Try a add in the adverts section on here and also the SOC web page.  
26/01/2005 00:34:55   simon   I have had a saab with the vac non-detatchable and indeed broken. Used her as normal, without replacing.  
26/01/2005 17:53:58   Alistair   Hmm, I had one where the vac unit lossed vac over time and it ran like a pig, wouldn't accelarate and topped out at ~52mph!!! Change of dizzy cured it.  
25/02/2005 15:42:30   Nesnah   I have a brace of good ones.

One is yours for a fiver plus post from Glasgow.  
28/02/2005 14:31:02   Steve H   The rally and Sport instructions actually say to block it off. I have done, it's fine.  

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