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25/01/2005 12:16:03   Andrew   iS Rolf's sports exhaust kit much different from the Jetex one - other than being almost half the price that is? Can anyone recommend a garage in Manchester that would fit a whole new system?  
25/01/2005 15:19:18   Richard   Richard Elliots (aka SOC tech pages) garage is in Glossop.
I think its the same. Make sure you arnt getting the rally system.  
25/01/2005 15:21:59   jonny   Andrew if you are ordering one, would you be happy to orde two and share postage costs?.

26/01/2005 10:38:51   Andrew   Great news - Glossop is not far from me. Ermmm... how do I tell the rally system? (as you may have guessed, I know nothing!)

Jonny - I'd be happy to split postage - I'm in South Manchester if that's convenient for you to collect or me to deliver?  
26/01/2005 12:21:05   Richard   Well the rally system is just the headers. There are two versions, single port and twin port. You want the full sports system for the V4 with all the boxes etc.  
26/01/2005 14:46:15   jonny   Andrew, that would be fine I am South of Edinburgh, so if you did not mind it lying around I could try and coincide with a trip down south to collect it, let me know if you opt to go ahead and I will send you payment, alternatively, the system you are looking at for 1550sek is a straight fit onto your 96 I believe it is fast road/sport type system by the look of it.

Cheers Jonny

04/02/2005 22:53:38   ian b   I was thinking about one of these kits as well, it does seem amazingly/refreshingly cheap. Has anyone actualy bought one of Rolf yet, i just wondered what the postage would work out at?  
07/02/2005 13:10:19   Andrew   I'm in the process of ordering one Ian. With PayPal fees (4%) and shipping (663 SEK or approx 51), it works out at around 175 - still a saving over the other systems I've seen. Shipping costs are quoted per system, so there's unfortunately no saving to be made on combining an order. Remind me and I'll let you know more once I've received it and had it fitted.  
07/02/2005 15:04:18   Richard   I payed 1200sek for shipping a gearbox over.  

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