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25/01/2005 17:30:55   Olga   Hi When I am on the motorway - 1976L old & battered saab I am happy, however when I increase my speed 55 - 65
I make a loud humming noise, after 65 I am ok. What causes this please?  
26/01/2005 07:56:31   Richard   Its a common exhaust related hum. You could try re-alining it all if its not rusted up.  
29/01/2005 01:12:00   David   Sounds as though the loud humming noise is because you're so happy to be driving your lovely old V4 that you burst into song (well, not quite!). However, if the noise is coming from the car then it's maybe exhaust noise - a bit of resonance somewhere - as Alistair says it could need realignment to stop it touching on the underside of the car. It could even be road noise from out-of balance wheels/tyres. Check the tyre pressures are correct all round.  
31/01/2005 20:09:46   Alistair   Er, not guilty m'lud, 'twas Rich wot suggested that!  

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