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28/01/2005 10:30:00   Richard   The sun came out and I felt like a bit of a tinker. On my list of jobs was to look at the air filter which is old and dirty looking. I have a 1974 96V4 with a weber carburettor (spec. weber tipo 34 ICH) with one of those small chromey air filters on top. The actual filter bit is like a foam material which as I say needed replacing as it was black and clogged. I removed the foam bit to see whether I could clean it and I (maybe foolishly) immersed it in soapy water to try and sqeeze some more life out of it when it kind of dissolved/disintegrated. The obvious problem now is replacing it. Does anyone know where I can get a new one? If not is it easy enough to convert to a more conventional large air filter (replacements for which you can buy in Halfords etc.)

Whilst the filter was off I started the engine (which always takes a few goes with banging and spluttering but it has always started eventually) and noticed that when the engine misfired (occasionally on starting and turnover) a flame would shoot out of the top of the carb into the air. Is this normal? Is this OK? The engine runs fine when it's going but when it's cold with full choke there is a bit of unburnt oil I think coming out of the exhaust.
I have to confess, every time I undo a nut or look under something it's a bit of a voyage of discovery - One which I'm thoroughly enjoying though unlike today's modern user unfriendly engines. As ever any help - much appreciated.  
28/01/2005 10:31:28   Richard G   The above post was by me Richard G but I forgot to put the 'G' at the end.  
28/01/2005 16:49:01   Alistair   The cheap "pancake" filters like you had are not very good at filtering, so you would bet better getting a K&N or similar. Try Demon Tweeks 01978 664466 or or any other go-faster bits supplier.

The flame coming out of the carb is what happens when the engine back fires. No it's not normal, but won't do too much harm, unless you had a paper or foam air filter in which case it might set it alight... Better to get the choke & timing set up properly so it doesn't back fire when cold.  

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