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30/01/2005 00:25:02   Tom   Hi, I am looking to replace the air filter on my 96, is there somewhere u can get new ones ae euro parts doesn't stock them.If they are not avalible anymore, I would like to get a free flowing K&N filter, do u know which one will fit? I have the oringinal card in the car.

30/01/2005 10:28:34   Tom K   I bought my last one from Halfords. But most Car shops said that they would be able to order one anyway. Have a look at the 'poor starting' post by James Ross there's some info on K&N filters.  
04/02/2005 19:09:27   Richard G   Also check "Air Filters" thread from a few days ago. I've just bought a K&N filter for a weber carb. (About 40 inc VAT and Postage)  

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