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01/02/2005 20:36:02   Alistair   PC are looking to do a feature on "early MPVs" and would like to include a 95V4. Other cars include the Fiat 600 Multipla, a Peugot 403 Famillial plus others. The day would involve comparing the cars over a run in the Oxfordshire/Wilts area, including a stop at a nice pub, and with photo shoots "somewhere nice". This will be towards the end of Feb.

Now tidy 95s are a bit thin on the ground but if you have one/know of one then please mail me with the details!

02/02/2005 07:45:43   Richard   Try Saab Sanctuary.  
02/02/2005 07:45:44   Richard   Try Saab Sanctuary.  
02/02/2005 21:14:07   ian f   Alistair,
I think Richard's trying to tell you something!
05/02/2005 21:15:11   Alistair   Ian, you may be right! Thanks Rich...Thanks Rich.... ;-)  
07/02/2005 08:05:53   Richard   Allo....Allo  
07/02/2005 15:22:47   Alistair   (Touch wood) Martin Harris is going to help out with his tasty 1968 95V4 in Silver Sand - keep an eye on PC in the next couple of months for the article!  

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