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02/02/2005 20:32:32   Tom.K   Could anyone give me some pointers as to where l could get hold of some CV joints for my 96? Spoke to Highgate and they said they can get second hand ones. Is that the only option?

P.s My 96 passed it MOT to day, fun times are here again!  
02/02/2005 21:20:54   Max   check it out at then you click on "produkte"->"saab"->"96"->"Kraftübertragung"

CV joints should be available there, brand new.

I hope you succeed!

04/02/2005 18:41:46   bill rawles   Search all the past posts on this forum, about a year ago there was a thread about reconditioning cv joints and the business involved was fairly widely praised.  
09/02/2005 13:22:16   Tom K   Bill haven't been able to find the thread. Any other clues?

How tricky are the CV joints to change and what sort of time will it take? Will a hub puller be required (as the Haynes does mention it) and if l do need one can you get away with using a four nut type?

09/02/2005 19:59:08   paul   unless youre going to replace the whole suspension upright, you need to pull the hub off the driveshaft (although the shaft will wtill need pressing out of the bearing after the upright is removed). I couldnt find a hub puller, but found a large gear puller from machinemart did the job nicely (cheap too!!)  
10/02/2005 12:53:40   simon   Swapping the existing drive shafts left for right / right for left; seems to correct most play / noise /vibration problems. While also being very 'to hand' and cheeeeep.  

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