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06/02/2005 18:02:08   Thomas   Hi,
does anyone know if the valves used in Ford V6 engines 2.3l-2.8l (germany) have other dimensions than the V4 valves do? Are they bigger (to what extent)?

regards. Thomas  
07/02/2005 08:05:12   Richard   std 2.8 42mm inlet, 36mm exhaust.
2.8T 44 inlet, 38mm exhaust.

There is little point going for the 44/38mm unless the seats have recessed on a set of 42/36mm valves.
You will need the collets to match and may need the retainers.  
07/02/2005 15:41:32   Thomas   Well thanks Richard,
what do you estimate will be the costs at a cheap headporters shop to get the V6 valves fitted? More than 150 pounds? I got the possibility to aqire a rather cheap V6 engine less than 40 pounds.

11/02/2005 08:38:54   Richard   It shouldnt be too expensive to put the valves into the std head without hardend seats. You want some good guides for the valves. I would ring round and ask local machine shops. I mill 1mm deep with the ID (is abot the OD of the std valves) of the seat for the valve then blend the throat and hand cut the seat when all the porting is done.  

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