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08/02/2005 10:00:29   Rob Eades   i need to refurbish the brakes of my sonett mk3 and was wondering where i can get the parts in the uk from, can get a better brake set from anywhere - like retro fit a 99 or 900 set for example

im replacing the steering rack and have got most of the nuts and bolts off except for the ones on the t shaped bracket that are threaded and bolted from the other side - what do I do?  
08/02/2005 13:19:42   rupert elmore   Hi Rob, I have found Parts for older cars on 01623 658041 very helpful. Martin is the person to speak to and should be able to guide you in the right direction if you want upgraded brake parts. The Sonett brakes are identical to 95/96 brakes. The web site for them is
I belive the bolts on the T shaped bracket are security bolts which are designed in such a way that the bolt heads snap off when installed for the first time, you may need to drill them out? I can't say for sure as it's not a job i have tackled before! I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong. Good luck!!  
08/02/2005 17:54:32   Senor Burt   There's nothing wrong with the standard brakes, they don't even modify them for rallying. Steel braided hoses will tighten up the reponse a bit, but even with standard hoses, you'll have no trouble stopping. Service and recon parts are fairly easily available.  
08/02/2005 18:43:52   ian meakin   discs from local factor...pennies.....pads from mintex...expensive at 45 pounds a set...but it will stop then  

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