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08/02/2005 14:06:52   ian b   What is it about door handles on saabs, i've had many classic cars and never had a problem with locks or door handles but it seems very common in saab 96's.
I've now got an MOT date rapidly approaching and both door handles and locking mechs are determined to undermine any chances of passing.
Passenger door only opens from the inside, so thats a fail , drivers door has to be snuck up on and opened with the lightest touch while holding the lock mechanism or the whole thing spins round. Never seen an MOT tester with a light touch so its not looking good.
Does anyone know of the weakspots in saabs design and how to remedy them ,short of getting new locks and who's to say they would work, track record is not good!  
08/02/2005 17:32:22   Steve B   Hi Ian,
The locks on a 96's are a known weak spot I'm afraid.
I've have some luck in fixing them.
The passenger door lock sounds like it has been swapped at some stage for a replacement meaining your key doesn't fit or it has worn out. If you can remove the handle and lock barrel, and then strip the barrel from it's casing it is sometimes possible to see which pins of the lock are not operating correctly. Be careful 'cause there are thousands of springs and stuff in there. Anyway I think the Saab locks have about 5 pins in them which have to line up to release the lock. If one pin is giving problems you should be able to see it and can either file it flush or simply remove it. If you remove it then you now have a 4 pin lock which is less secure than a 5, but at least it works !
You can make a lock from a different car fit your existing key using the same method.
The turning barrel is tricky. I can't remeber what stops it turning but you may be able to work it out while you have the passenger lock stripped down.

09/02/2005 16:10:31   ian b   Thanks steve, i'll give that a try, its one of those jobs thats doomed to go pear shaped i fear ,tiny sprung loaded pins and a feckless owner. I'm more used to working on old landrovers..actualy i've had my landrover for ten years and it has no locks at all and i don't think anyones even tried to nick it...which is kind of insulting actualy! anyway, wandered of track,
The passenger door handle won't release the door even when its not locked but hopefully once its in pieces on a bench the inner workings will become apparent..or not.  
09/02/2005 21:15:47   James Ayres   This may be a long shot but I doused mine (passenger door lock) in WD40 and it worked fine thereafter - good 'ole WD40!  

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