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08/02/2005 15:09:53   Tom   Hi,

U may of noticed i have posted alot recently, its mostly been to avoid revision! This is a very good forum, has been very helpful! anyway my query is about changing the front of a saab 96, ie changing from a square headlamp to a round headlamp. I have a saab 96 1976 and i really like the round headlamp look. Is it at all possible or are they too different? hope u can help.

Many thanks  
08/02/2005 17:37:30   Steve B   Hi Tom.
The round headlight grills do look good and I think the rally boys prefer them for extra cooling air flow.
Early V4 cars had these grills and I imagine you can swap them with your exisitng one, but the indicators are usually different on the round light cars. Have a look at Helen Moss's car in the gallery and you'll see.
I don't know if you can have a round headlight grill with the 1976 'corner mounted' indicators, might look ok or might look a bit odd. I don't know.  
08/02/2005 17:58:19   Max   the US cars had to have round headlamps during the 70ies by law. In these US grilles the indicators are not included! Check out from gallery Joel Daracks car. It's no problem to get this kind of grille mounted.

regards. Max  
08/02/2005 18:17:34   Max   Hi,
in the US it was neccessary for all cars to have round headlamps during the 70ies. There are also grilles with rounf headlamps available with no blinkers. See in gallery  
08/02/2005 18:39:45   Alistair   All the grilles are interchangeable, the early round lamp grilles with side lightes/indicators are designed for the earlier bumper brackets, where the bumper sits a bit lower, but that shouldn't be a problem. These are easier to find over here than the US grilles, but the US grille will look better and more in keeping with your car's age.

08/02/2005 18:40:39   Tom   excellant! i will have to try and find a grill! I did notice the problem with the indicators, i might patch them and fit them in the spaces on the grill. Or find a US grill. Anyone know where i could find grills?  
09/02/2005 22:05:45   Iain   I think I saw one on the shelf at Highgate last time I was there  
14/02/2005 21:39:07   John Wood   For a 1976 V4, the best option is to install the US round headlights, rather than retrofit a -1968 chequered front panel. The US Headlight holders and side grilles will fit easily into a 1969/1970 front panel assy. Later panels which were designed to have H/Light washers have to be modified by removing the vertical supports for the side grilles. Saab Competitions Dept. adopted the US grilles from 1969,as the competition engines needed a more efficient radiator, which was made up from a Saab 99 radiator core with Saab 96 side tanks. The 1970 '99 radiator header tank was also utilised and mounted on the inner wing. Early rally car examples (1969/70) had them fitted on the right side and 1971+ on the left side adjacent to the bonnet runner. The US cars also had larger wind deflectors between the light holders and the standard radiator. US Headlights have always looked better but getting the correct 7" light unit to fit might be a problem. Autojumbles can be scoured for Cibie Biodes, or Bosch H4's. Lucas do a sealed beam which fits also. I can forward photos or parts listings if required.  
14/02/2005 21:41:26   John Wood   Best source for US front is Ebay. A whole panel assy and separate components have been posted in the last 9 months.  
15/02/2005 12:20:56   Tom   Thats pretty detailed! thank you! will have to start looking on ebay i guess. Some pictures and parts number would be nice as then i can make sure i am bidding on the right thing! Hopefully one will turn up. Many thanks for your help.  
15/02/2005 12:46:45   Richard   Jonas in Sweden has some US fronts, if you dont mind shipping it across.  
15/02/2005 22:06:52   Tom   Cool, how can i get into contact with him? Do u know how much they could be and what the shipping costs are? Many thanks!  
17/02/2005 16:25:52   Tom   Hi again,

Have found a suitable grill, however its in America and the seller is being vague about the shipping costs, he will send it by UPS and i took a look on their web site and guessed alot and the shipping costs came to 250 dollars! Does anyone have an idea what it should cost or if that is right. Also are there anyother ways to ship that are cheaper than UPS? Am not bothered about waiting.  
18/02/2005 12:48:12   simon   Get him to SHIP it rather than AIR frieght it.
20/02/2005 01:17:14   ian b   Tom, i was thinking, like yourself about changing to a round headlight front end. Rather than try and source an american spec one i was considering fabricating one and buying round lights and backing plates. Might be a lot of work but i shall keep all informed of costs if i muster the enthusiasm to get cracking. Its just a thought if your other options don't work out.  
20/02/2005 17:45:37   Tom   That is an option i did think of but i don't have the metal working skills to make a grill i would want to put on my car, tho if i practise...... Anyways i have found a american spec grill, am hoping to get it shipped over! But it would be nice to kno the cost of doing it, as this purchase may fall through. Many thanks for the information if u get round to doing it!  

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