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09/02/2005 20:52:52   David L   Hi, I saw the mention of Rolf's sports exhaust on the forum last week, and took a look - seems great but has anyone tried one? Wondering if there's much power gain (engine is currently standard but will get decent carb and maybe head and cam tweaks) and does it sound good? How about the fit? All advice gladly received.  
10/02/2005 12:18:31   Andrew   I'm still waiting to hear from Rolf but will be buying one and having it fitted soon, so if you remind me, I'll let you know how it goes. I understand twin carb is also recommended for a bit more power.  
11/02/2005 08:08:45   Richard   You will not notice that much gain in power until a double barrel carb is fitted and set it up on the rollers.  
11/02/2005 10:57:44   erik   i once sent a mail for more information to Rolf and remember him replying that it was a straight fit.  
11/02/2005 15:17:29   Jon   I had a stainless steel exhaust made for my tuned V4 by Dave Brooks at Crew (prepares Ford rally cars). It cost a fortune but it was well worth the money. Made to perfection, will last forever, very free flowing and sounds great.  
11/02/2005 22:00:49   David L   Thanks for the info, I think I'll go for it. Need to track down the elusive double barrel inlet manifold next then, I guess! Anyone who's got one for sale, please let me know  
14/02/2005 07:54:07   Richard   I built one that used a equal Y and used the std holes in the floor, much better than the Jetex for performance.  

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