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21/11/2002 05:08:42   todd   Hello, I am in usa and have a friend who will give me a non running `68 96 saab. I am extensively into early aircooled VWs. I was wondering if anyone has ever converted a 96 into a VW drive train? Or perhaps any other drive train.

Early saab parts just do not exist in these areas and I have more VW stuff than one can believe. I am a proficient welder-fabricater-body man so that is not a prob.,

17/01/2006 07:36:51   Rens   wel... I like the idea of a rearwheel driven saab 96 with beetle engine... You would have huge room under the bonnet to store your briefcase...

I think it's possible... only problem i see is the transmission. and offcourse putting the engine in the back

but if the saab is free and you have the parts lying around... the only thing it would cost you would be time!  
17/01/2006 07:42:07   Richard   I think Todd is on about putting the engine in the front and swapping the diff round. I would imagine someone has done it. If it will fit it should not be a problem.  
19/01/2006 11:46:49   Alex   Todd,

Another good address is Put your question on the 92-96 models bb. You can see that there is a lively 96/96 community in the US with parts suppliers who can also sometimes supply parts for 96's produced in the sixties.  

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