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11/02/2005 11:22:00   jonny   My V4 engine came sporting rocker covers that had little plates rivetted on saying "J.Pink 1740cc", I think it was built about 1993, does anyone know of him in SAAB circles, could be it was the only V4 he ever touched.

Thanks Jonny  
14/02/2005 21:17:08   John Wood   The only J.Pink I know of, who was associated with Saabs would be Joan Pink who competed in V4s during the late 60's early 1970's. She certainly competed on 1970 RAC Rally in a 1968 V4(Red) with Anne Hope, the motoring correspondent for "Pulse" the medical magazine. Anne was wired up to a heart monitor for the event. The monitor's readout would have been interesting as they rolled out of the rally in Yorkshire? Still have the write up. I believe that Joan went on to rally a white V4 with a 1740cc engine, which was later acquired by Jayne Neate in time for the 1973or1974 Welsh Rally. Jayne was seen two wheeling it on Llandow race circuit (Have photo). Jayne or Paul Wignall will be able to confirm.  
15/02/2005 07:54:40   Richard   They are good at doing motorbike impressions! How's your car comming along?  
15/02/2005 11:22:28   jonny   That is very interesting as the 96 which my 1740 came from was a white one, although apart from the engine and suspension it was more or less a standard 96, thanks for the reply  
19/02/2005 02:02:00   John Wood   Very slowly, in fact so slow it's standing still. All the suspension is in, keeping to standard settings for caster/camber. The front rally special springs and rear progressives are still in good order as well as the Bilsteins which are 32 years old. The block was sitting in the engine bay, coupled up to the spec2/6:35 box so I could work out whether I could keep the pivot bar on the bonnet. The only change from the original car is the Works cross-over manifold has replaced the Conversions and Tuning setup which I passed on to Dave Clibbery. The draw back to that is that the bonnet bar hits the left hand carb. However replacing the front mounts for the same as used with the "Mexico" brackets has lowered the assembly just enough. Still might have to peen a clearance depression into the tube when everything has been bolted in. The block, which is 1531 has been transferred into the engine stand ready for reassembly. The heads need work as the valve guides need replacing. Development of the heads will depend on which cam I install. Originally I used a SAH road/rally cam which was quite responsive as I used the original car to go to work in. Then off to rallies at the week-end. No trailer, no service crew either. I carried what I needed and just hoped I did not bend it too badly. Those were the days!!
The SAH cam is still in good condition but I have a 7.2 and 7.6 held in reserve. The other thread on Cams and valve springs is interesting. Any way the gauntlet has been thrown down, as I chap I work with doesn't believe it will ever get finished. I mean it has only taken 22 years so far. What's another year some might say. Well when the number of years ahead is less than the years enjoyed, it puts a different perspective on it all. More anon....  
19/02/2005 02:14:38   John Wood   Had a look at the photos of your white 96, Richard. Interesting linkage arrangement on the C&T manifold. I used the factory bits on rear and did not need to drill any holes in the heater housing, and made a bent bar to connect the carbs at the front. Worked very effectively and never failed under competition conditions. Will send you a photo. Copies are very easy to make.  
21/02/2005 12:46:28   Richard   This linkage acts as a cross brace to keep pressure on the side of the necks that dont have the bolts in. It stops the necks allowing air in through the gasket on rough terrain (a CT manifold weak spot).
If you look at my bonet bar it has been cut and spun round, sleaved and pined to clear the carbs. It now rests on the top of the centre grill and acts as a bonet stop when it is open, handy for clearance for a set of spots.  

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