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20/02/2005 15:05:40   Trevor Nesbitt   Does anyone know where I can source second-hand parts for a 1975 Saab 96 in N. Ireland  
21/02/2005 12:51:41   Richard   To be honest I dont know. There are plenty of places over here that will ship stuff across.  
22/02/2005 19:25:01   simon   What would you like trevor?  
24/02/2005 20:49:35   Trevor Nesbitt   Hello Simon
Mostly door handles, the other bits I don't know of as yet because I won't get the car untill this week-end but I would be only to glad to find out whats on offer  
24/02/2005 22:39:47   Senor Burt   Post a list here. I'm sure you'll get what you need.  

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