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23/02/2005 08:39:48   jonny   Waking up to a decent layer of snow this morning and news of carnage on the roads, decided to bring the 96 to work, it is hard not to be a little bit smug when a 33yr old car, which has not turned a wheel for about 6 weeks fires up right away and gets me in to work with no fuss when other cars on the street are struggling to get out their drives and 4x4's are creeping up hills at 10 mph.

23/02/2005 10:04:34   James Ayres   It is a great feature of the 96 - it's ability to not just cope but thrive in icy/snowy conditions. And warm and cosy as well. Who could wish for more. It seems to go better as well, engine feels more lively...  
23/02/2005 10:06:00   Richard   I do the same in the snow. The 96 passed 3 4x4's over the moors yesterday and got me to work within five mins of my normal journey time.  
23/02/2005 21:28:47   Jon   even with wide tyres and a cammy engine?
25/02/2005 18:24:28   Alistair   I left home at 5.30 on wednesday to get down to Reading and had 5 miles to cover with 3-4 inches of snow before I reach a decent road. The Beige Barge was utterly hopeless. 225 Good year F1s, with no lateral rubber at all in the tread, are great for shifting water off wet roads but there's nowt to grip the snow with - it was like driving on two toboggans!

Wished I had a V4 at the time, for sure. 2 hours later on the M1 I was glad I didn't!!  
25/02/2005 20:39:26   Iain   We're in Northern Finland, its got as lw as -24 so far this winter.
We're actually running out of places to put the snow.
I've seen a couple of 96s running about.... "Winter cars" in better nick than any I've ever seen in Scotland.
Caught some footage of a '70's Hankiralli on tv the other night 96s battling it out with Dafs, Escorts and Opels. Next night it was 60's footage of VW notchbacks' PV Volvos and big Mercs..... our video recorder doesn't seem to work here #%&&//%"!!!  
28/02/2005 15:25:42   Penny   I went up to the lakes last Tuesday for a few days in the 95. Great fun going over the Kirkstone Pass in the snow to Ullswater. Its great to have a car with a Heater after years of Ford 100E's and Rover P4's, mind you the "cyclops" had colume change and freewheel! but I should have brought a Saab years a go.  
28/02/2005 16:27:57   jonny   Iain did you manage to move on your 96, how has the move to Finland went?.

28/02/2005 19:46:02   Iain   Hi Jonny,
Sold it to a mate in Cockenzie for a decent enough price. He's loving it! Says it gets better every time he drives it.
Turns out his pet mechanic has owned several, Its the only car he's ever bought that the guy approves of.
Everythings gone great with the move...only problem I've got an empty garage and no money to fill it.  
01/03/2005 16:21:58   bill rawles   What are you doing in Finland? The mrs and I had a dog sled trip from Muonio North of Kitilla in Jan and were well impressed with the country but wondered how everybody actually makes a living.  
02/03/2005 18:21:26   Iain   My wife is from here.
She got homesick, I was up for the move, we sold up and moved.
I'm a graphic designer. Have managed to land a 6 month placement with an agency. See what happens after that. Industries:
Forestry, paper or mobile phones. Most people in our town seem to work for Nokia or a company who work for Nokia  

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