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23/02/2005 12:52:10   Rob   does anyone know where i might be able to get hold of some 4 bolt hubs from - i think these were on the monte carlo 96's?

23/02/2005 13:31:47   Senor Burt   You'll be lucky! These are extremely rare. If you find some, get me a set while you're there!  
23/02/2005 16:44:56   Rob   do you think its possible to get a set machined up? im sure a machine shop would do it if there was enough interest
i will try an get a quote - if i can get a list of people who are interested it would be useful
is there anyone with a spare that can be borrowed to get copies made?

25/02/2005 18:17:21   Alistair   I've go a good pic of the adaptors that Dave Barrow uses on his two stroke rally car, could mail if you're interested.  
26/02/2005 01:39:03   Rob   pictures would be very useful  
26/02/2005 13:17:13   Senor Burt   You can have difficulty fitting the wheels under the arches with adaptors.  
28/02/2005 00:27:00   Alistair   That's why I mentioned this set-up as it seems to work OK on Dave's bullnose.

Rob - will mail you the pic I have.  

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