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23/02/2005 15:04:02   Laurel Strickland   That is it. How do I take out the back seats of my Nissan?
23/02/2005 16:34:48   Richard   Nissan! err its Saab's we do, but here goes.... Try removing the rest of the car around the rear seat. After a while you will be left with the rear seat on its own.  
23/02/2005 16:42:58   James Ayres   A Nissan!?! This has to be the most mis-placed entry ever! Probably...  
24/02/2005 11:01:29   erik   best laugh I had in times !!!  
24/02/2005 14:55:57   Senor Burt   In the old days of Datsun/Nissan, disassembly was unnecesary. You just let the car rust away and you'd just be left with the engine, seats and wheels after a couple of weeks.

Speaking of Nissans. Why do Micra drivers drive so ******** slow (top speed 26mph it would seem)? And why are new Micras not small? A bit like new 'Minis' really.  

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