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01/03/2005 16:36:08   ian b   Do highgate ever update that website of theirs?  
01/03/2005 17:20:29   Senor Burt   No.  
04/03/2005 14:18:51   Steve H   Yeah, come on Ken and Mel. I'm dying to see how your body kit has worked out. And what about those side mirror alternatives?  
12/07/2005 11:31:45   mel   Good news, the website has been updated.  
12/07/2005 12:03:03   Andrew   Any news on the new 'original' door mirrors?  
15/07/2005 14:10:52   Steve H   There seem to be many different ones that might fit in the Euro Spares catalogue. Would any of those fit and look good Mel?  
15/07/2005 15:13:56   mel   Have gone through and i don't think any will be suitable.  
15/07/2005 16:50:00   Rens   I've got new sport look mirrors, they were cheap, only 5 euro's each!!! (2 pounds). but they look cool...
and they have this retro look and fitted exactly the orriginal spot on the door! (newest model 96)  
15/07/2005 23:33:17   Senor Burt   Where from?  
16/07/2005 15:40:44   Rens   Essen autoshow (germany) one of the biggest tuning events..
I'll take a picture and post it here somewere..  

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