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09/03/2005 08:46:31   helen   Hi the seals on my clutch cylinder have gone on my saab 96 v4 1967, any one know what type i need and where do i get them?
thanks helen  
09/03/2005 13:30:36   Alistair   Helen - master or slave cylinder? Either way, you should still be able to get these from any decent motor factors - they might want to know the manufacturer of said part (Girling, Lockheed, etc) as the early ones like yours had a slightly different master cylinder (the bit under the reservoir, not the bit at the gearbox end), I can't remember which was which. They should be able to look up in suppliers' catalogue. There are often repair kits or complete slaves on eBay too.  
09/03/2005 14:15:21   helen   thanks alistair ,
Bit of a girlly when it comes to mechanics , its not leaking bear the reservoir, but down in the main body of the clutch near where the bleed nipple is? are they expensive?  
09/03/2005 14:28:12   Senor Burt   Repair kits are dead cheap (less then 5?). Are they not still available new?
It's the slave cylinder you're talking about. It's 1/2 an hour of a job for a decent mechanic assuming the cylinder is fit to be re-sealed. If not, I'm sure someone out there's got a good used one.  
12/03/2005 00:32:34   simon   Dear Bert,

I wish you would post the details of your mechanic up here!

Have a look on Ebay Helen, I've seen a few new OS units lately.  
12/03/2005 11:26:06   Senor Burt   2 bolts, undo the pipe, undo a circlip, clean up, fit new seals, reassemble, refit, bleed. As I said, with the right tools and an experienced mechanic, 1/2 an hour of a job. Why would it take any longer? For the home mechanic where time is not as much an issue it will probably take longer, but is easily do-able in an hour.  
12/03/2005 17:10:36   ian meakin   make sure the bores are ok..waste of time otherwise...  

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