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09/03/2005 17:43:16   Olga   The steering on my 1976L is very heavey, is it the steering rack, or I an just a girlie.
10/03/2005 20:35:26   John   V4 steering has always been heavy, especially for ladies, the more so when trying to park. However low tyre pressures will make the matter worse. A simple check if you are happy your pressures are right,is to jack up the front of the car so both front wheels are off the ground and turn the steering wheel fully to the left and then to the right, and perceive how easily the steering turns. You should be able to do it with one finger. You could have a dry steering rack which needs greasing via the nipple on the drivers side. Your upper and lower ball joints could be dry. Check for grease leaks and splits in the rubber bellows. A 96L should have sealed for life units which are unserviceable and would need replacing. Check also the track rod ends for similar condition. If all these are in good condition then the steering rack will need inspecting by an engineer. Has the vehicle any accident damage history? Does a tyre scrub the inner wheel arch one side and not the other? These are other questions to check.  

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