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14/03/2005 12:58:23   Richard   All three two strokes finished the Robin Hood rally at the weekend taking 2nd 3rd and fourth in class. John Parker failed to keep up with the Mini Cooper down Clipstones long straights which won the B1 (1000cc) class.
The 99 of Andrew Street failed to finish the night stages and we fried the engine on our Skoda when a waterpipe came off mid stage.
Next round is the Astra stages in three weeks in North Wales, see you there...  
14/03/2005 20:16:00   John   Damn! Have I missed it again. Thought I heard rally cars going through Clipstone. Only two miles away.  
15/03/2005 07:52:13   Richard   It was good from a spectators point of view. After watching the historics, the moderns had no commitment, the 4x4 brigade were out on a Sunday drive.  
21/03/2005 13:24:52   Alistair   Just been watching one of these shows with lots of car crashes on Men & Motors over lunch and there were clips of 2 96s on the Robin Hood (dunno if this year's), one looked like JOhn Parker's (red bullnose) and the other was a white long nose or V4, with alloys. Both did a bit of Pa Taket...  
21/03/2005 15:42:10   Richard   That was John's and Kiron's cars on the 2000(?) event. I think the stage is Blidworth and to top it off Cliberry also rolled there a couple of years before. Only light panel damage, did it show the Cortina roll with its flatend front on the same corner?  
22/03/2005 23:14:55   Alistair   Yep, red Mk 1 Cortina also went over on the same bend & ended up well-squashed.  

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