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15/03/2005 17:31:27   Fred   I changed the brakes on my 2 stroke to V4 discs about a month ago. All the parts came from the local factors no problem, ordered Friday, arrived Monday.
So I was suprised to see V4 Pad fittings kits (the 4 split pins and the two retaining springs) changing hands for huge money (£40) on ebay described as 'no longer available'. I called the factors again to say can I have 10 more of the LXO286 fittings kits please and they confirm that they are no longer available. They found me 'the last one' in Sheffield for £3.20.
I forgot to ask if the pads are still available, Didd anything except the V4 use them?  
15/03/2005 19:22:14   Max   check price shouldn't be more than 10€. Are they crazy to sell such a kit at 40€+?!  
15/03/2005 19:35:18   ian meakin   pads are available but mintex comp pads need special order..  
15/03/2005 22:31:08   Max   by the way...what costs these mintex pads and are they better indeed?  
22/03/2005 15:05:44   Stefan   They are still available in sweden. No problem at all. I sell them for 60SEK incl VAT I have lots of brakeparts in stock to Saab.  
23/03/2005 17:03:50   Stefan   I have got several emails from friends all over the world and the price quoted are for the pad fitting kit only, not Mintex pads.......  
23/03/2005 19:07:05   ian meakin   mintex pads at about 40 pounds set  

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