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19/03/2005 12:41:09   Olga   Hi my steering is very heavey - my book tells me to lub the steering rack with saab grease? will any can of grease do ? where Can I get saab grease from - not from a reindeer I hope!
19/03/2005 19:34:56   James Ayres   Only if he works in Halfords! Which is where you will get the grease (or any motor shop). It doesn't need to be Saab grease either but there are different types. The labels will tell you or ask a member of staff for help.  
20/03/2005 12:28:02   Jon   If you have no grease then of course your steering will be heavy, but also check the pinion gear to rack adjustment. If it's too tight then the steering will be heavy, too loose and you'll have steering play. I'm assuming that the suspension geometry is OK (too much caster etc. can give a heavy feeling).

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