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20/03/2005 11:43:39   ian b   I've just discovered a grim sight under the front wishbone mount on my 1975 96. Where the wishbone bracket is bolted into the floor (for floor read flaky pastry)
Has anyone tackled this area in a restoration and survived with their sanity and bank balance intact?
Also if anyone knows whats on the other end of these bolts it would be handy, not sure if its captive nuts or some kind of chassis member?
20/03/2005 12:24:56   Jon   You'll have to cut out the rusty patch and replace with a new bit of steel sheet the same grade (thickness), with holes for the wishbone bracket bolts. Presuming the turret is OK then you'll have no problems with the captive nuts. Of course the turret will have to be welded to the new bit of steel sheet. If you're lucky the suspension geometry shouldn't be affected, especially if the turret isn't touched.

If you do it yourself, then it costs next to nothing - bit of sheet steel, MIG welding wire and underseal/paint. If done by a garage then it could be a day?
Have fun.
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23/04/2005 12:19:45   cassie   Hi another question 'the suspenstion on my 1976L is very hard, my previous saab which was a 1971 96 was much kinder!
Can I fix this,
24/04/2005 22:52:53   Max   Hi.
That's totally normal because Saab changed on the later V4s to stiffer springs (I think it was from 1975 on, please correct me if I'm telling nonsense ;-))  
26/04/2005 02:55:40   ian b   Are the stiffer springs slightly shorter as well, i think i've got a mixture at the front which may explain the entertaining handling and the lop-sided stance my saab has.  
26/04/2005 13:33:04   Tom.K   Ian, mine has a similar stance but at the back instead!  
03/03/2006 23:36:32   John Wood (Woody)   If you have springs of different lengths,then these need to be changed ASAP. I have some spare standard springs which have not had that much use and just need a repaint.
Ian B, I have done repairs to this area. Depending on the location of the rust you may be able to repair it from the inner wing side. If it has spread into the engine bay then you will need to remove engine/transmission. Have you any photos of the affected area?  

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