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23/03/2005 16:36:05   Richard   I am certain that will be of interest, thanks.  
24/03/2005 15:56:42   Alistair   That is the one that Dave Fielden & I went to look at a while ago. It's a dutch Jubilee, from the middle of the run of the last 300 96s. It is also rotten, and in need of some serious rebuilding. Engine is as sweet as any V4 could hope to be though...  
24/03/2005 16:35:41   Richard   Not exactly worth the asking price then! How rotten was it Al? Some people have the strangest ideas of prices. I bought that red car with only the shell jig holes welded for 2000. Apart from a respray all the rest is original time warp condition and drives like new.  

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