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08/01/2003 11:49:35   Tom   Can anyone tell me how the seat heater in a V4 is supposed to work. How is it activated and switched off. Does it have a thermostat that makes it come on/off. Should it be toasty.  
08/01/2003 13:42:19   Steve B   Hi Tom,

Happy new year.

According to the Owners manual it just says........
'The backrest and cushion of the drivers seat have thermostat-controlled electric heating elements that warm up automatically when the ignition is switched on. The thermostat ensures that the heaters are switched on only when the seat is cold.'

It doesn't specify how cold the seat has to be for the heater to come on, but I reckon our recent weather should be cold enough.

If you suspect that your's is not working then check the plug under the seat. Also check the fuse (number 5 I think) it should be 8 Amp.

However, I have to say that in all my V4's, I've never noticed the seat warming up. Anyone got a seat heater that works ?

Steve B....  
09/01/2003 10:26:09   Alec   My car is too early for set heaters, I believe they started in 1972. Anyway, it does not have to be very cold for them to come on, I think about 10 degrees celsius.
When they work they do get nice and warm. However, they are very prone to breaking the wires within the heater and packing up.
The only real solution to repair is to replace the heating pads - not sure if you can still get these.  
13/01/2003 14:50:06   Tom   I managed to open it up and re-solder a break at the thermostat. Works fine. Thanks all.


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