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31/03/2005 09:57:53   paul   Hi all
Im thinking about putting spacers on the front wheels to increase the track, maybe an inch on each side, do any of you rally guys know where i could get spacers and bolts?
also, has anyone had clearence problems running 175 or 185s on the front.
31/03/2005 12:45:28   Richard   You will have to make them. I would not go any wider than 10 - 12mm. You can get the tyres catching the inner wing if the rack has not been centered. I would also check that the tyres clear the road springs. The last problem is the only reason we use spacers and I believe is the only reason Saab used offset steel wheels not because of better handling as most people think. You carnt clear the springs with 165 rally tyres with side wall ribs on std rims!
I would also want to increase the track at the back to match with what you are doing at the front. I prefer 155 tyres on the road car, less grip but better balance.  
31/03/2005 16:35:03   paul   sounds good to me... the plan is to increase front traction with the tyres, and then use the extra traction to use a stiffer anti roll bar to rebalance the handling, hopefully leading to a car that has the same kind of balance but corners flatter... its a bit of an experiment admittedly. how about bolts? will i need to find a lathe and make my own?
31/03/2005 22:57:06   John ( Woody)   I never used them on my old rally car, but those that I have seen were made of a cast material. The bolt holes were counter drilled into the spacer and standard road wheel bolts used to secure them to the hub. These spacers were also drilled and threaded to accept a further set of wheel bolts to secure the road wheel to the spacer. I believe the spacer to hub bolts were secured with a bolt thread lock like Loctite. David Clibbery used them on his last V4.  
01/04/2005 08:01:55   Richard   If you have room for a small to medium lathe get one, they are really handy. I use some bolts that came with the highgate alloys with my thin spacers.
John's spacers are like Dave Barrows and if you do that you may as well drill and tap the spacer for 4 stud 99 wheels that you can get cheaper and wider if you wish to go for 185 tyres.
Some stiffer springs and performace dampers all round might get you what you want with out having to mess around. Coil Springs Uk in Sheffield have all the Saab spring data, a pair of springs are about 80 made to the spec you want.  
04/04/2005 12:31:34   Alistair   A pic of Dave's spacers should be in the next issue of Drivel...  
04/04/2005 14:43:47   Senor Burt   Was that a Freudian slip Alistair?  
04/04/2005 17:49:18   mark   There must be a firm out there who could make these spacers up so that the 99 alloys can be fitted.the highgate alloys on ebay went for over two grand so its got to be cheaper.  
05/04/2005 12:35:44   Richard   I am sure a guy over in Sweden make them, but I carnt remember his name.  
08/04/2005 10:14:27   Alistair   Burt - was it a Freudian slip? Well I gues that is best judged by my readers I suppose! ;-)

(or it might have had something to do with ths damn wireless keyboard that seems to do strange things sometimes)  

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