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01/04/2005 12:59:09   Rob Marston   I have a 1973 96 with over sized alloy wheels I think from a 95. If I changed them to the original non alloy wheels/size would it help the handling/steering, especially the heaviness which is a problem for my wife ?  
01/04/2005 14:10:25   jonny   Rob if you want to sell your alloys give me a shout.

01/04/2005 21:54:45   ian f   Richard,
By comparison with modern cars the steering always seems to be heavy on V4's regardless of the tyre size. This is I think attributable to the weight of the engine/box being so far forward and the lack of power steering. However the steering is relatively lighter if the car is fitted with 155 x15 tyres that have had a few extra psi added when inflated. I know that many longstanding owners pump the tyres up to 30psi but I've found that the higher pressure hardens the ride and loosens my fillings.

Hope this helps.

PS What style alloys are fitted to your 96? What do you mean by oversized?

04/04/2005 12:34:46   Alistair   I think the oversized wheels things is a red-herring. You might mean wider tyres than standard, in which case a change to good 155s with 28-30psi will help.

You should also check the rack - make sure it has enough grease in it, but be aware that over-filling can also cause heavy steering.  

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