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01/04/2005 18:18:05   simon   Following a welding session I have a problem similar to fuel starvation - whereby the more one floors the gas peddle the slower the car goes :(

Vacume guage reads poor, as one applies the right foot.

Having changed the condensor (thought this to be the first to fry) there is no difference.

Would anyone know what might be the cause / what to change next?

04/04/2005 14:59:43   simon   Update to trauma:

Changing the Voltage regulator, has also made no difference :(
04/04/2005 16:47:29   Richard   You dont get much vacuum when the throttle is full open, which is why Saab fitted a vacuum tank to the rally cars so you get constant brake feel while left foot braking. If the throttle flap on the carb is open air flows in, but if its closed the engine sucks against it more and creates more vacuum.
You probably have a fueling problem, lack of fuel? Or the ignition timing. Make sure you dont have a problem with the fuel pipe. It might be worth diconecting the pipe at the engine end and flowing some fuel through to relieve any air that might be in there. Try fuel pump then carb. Otherwise the ignition would be the next step, check that its set right and check the points are ok.  
04/04/2005 22:09:49   simon   Thank you Ricahrd,
I have already had a coke bottle/underbonnet gravity fuel feed on the car, to no avail. While there I noticed the fuel pump drawing air! But working well, taking only about 5 seconds to fill a 330ml bottle!
A fair bit more than the engine would need - if Ive got my maths right! - but would this air draw, interupt the carb delivery?
I had imagined this to be electric related, due to the co-incidence of the welding?
All knowledge and information gratefuly recieved.
05/04/2005 10:43:35   paul   the air from the pump should be ok as the fuel has to go into the float bowl in the carb, it should work fine as long as the average fuel flow is sufficiently more than required at full throttle.
I had a similar problem on my car which i fixed by changing the points, coil and condensor after i found i had a weak spark. This could fit in with the welding as its electrical.
I like the sound of the vacuum tank richard, i might give that one a try!  
05/04/2005 18:14:30   jelly minogue   Try unscrewing the radiator cap anfd screwing on a new car.! no sorry I do appreciate the help everyone just trying to get a laugh from simon!  
06/04/2005 07:45:03   Richard   Saab law states that the rad cap would be faulty!!  
06/04/2005 07:50:17   Richard   Paul- If you get some photo's of the works cars you will spot the vac tank. It fits after the one way valve and before the brake servo. Failing that my car has one fitted on the top left hand inner wing, see photo gallery, I think it even has writing on it saying 'vac tank'. It will give you an idea of size, mine was based on a Strom item.  
06/04/2005 13:11:15   simon   Thanks Richard,
That's probably it! (red rad cap).

New coil, pionts, roter arm, dist cap, altenator, condensor, new swear words and voltage regulator - still have the problem.


Surely I cant be the first to have been so complacent with the mig?  
08/04/2005 10:23:05   Alistair   Presume you've checked the timing and plug gaps, and points gap set correctly?

Sounds a bit like the problem I had once with a duff vac advance on the dissie - wouldn't get past 50 in top and with foot to the floor it was just gutless, but on very slight throttle would pull (gently!).

No idea why the welding would have an impact on this, might just be coincidence?  
12/04/2005 16:50:09   Richard   Just to make you feel better Simon this is how my weekend went. Spend 600 on a rally in Wales, get to first stage have fueling problems due to heat. Get a good second stage then strip the spines in the steering on my Skoda and find the wheel not attached to the wheels on a 50-60mph corner- result, hit banking barrel roll land on left side and slide 100 yards up a hill.
get 3 hours sleep on Sun night, wake up late for work, find no petrol in the car and have to go to the garage. Set off and try to do the 30min journey in 12min, run over the farm cat down the lane and get to work 5 min late to have loads of hassle with work.
The only good thing is the farm cat is still alive, I got it between the wheels and hoped it didnt stick its head up!  
13/04/2005 21:29:04   simon   A weekend to remember then! - just what life is made for.
But seriously, I'm glad both the cat & self are OK.
How does the Skoda look? Would a 96 have responded differently to such an impact?
"strip the spines in the steering" Surely some most gratefing moments of fear to live through.

Alistiar, thank you :)
Vacume was punctured and will be replaced tommorow. This has also helped with the recent mystery of a less defined but similar symptom in a 1972 MBenz; Which took for ever and liked juice.
ps / fyi / be aware:
I had found it difficult to obtain new units for either cars and in checking my spares found other defective Vac advances in the collection (all reclamed from 1972-1976 cars).  
14/04/2005 00:33:17   Alistair   Great, a good result then [if not for poor Rich :-(]  
14/04/2005 07:54:40   Richard   Its not so bad, but a Saab would not have had the steering failure in the first place.  
15/04/2005 09:32:06   Alistair   Maybe not, although I had the flexi joint in the column go on mine (fortunately as I was trying to manouvre out of a tight parking spot rather than really on the move - in fact this was probably why it happened) - bit like the joint in your gear linkage that went at ELvington.  
15/04/2005 12:35:34   Richard   Skoda uses flexi-steel instead.  
23/04/2005 23:34:19   danny   the vacuum was replaced and made no difference. so in the end I convinced simon to drop off the recently 'repaired exhaust' I reckoned it was blocked. Anyway the car now goes like stink but very loud!!!! so i am in desperate need of front sec tion of exhaust help me agian and thanks for previous participation!  
14/05/2005 13:08:44   danny   Turns out that the baffles in the rear box had collapsed and she couldn't breathe. Now replaced and goes well! But i,ve sold it!  

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