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02/04/2005 21:05:16   Clive   One of my doors is badly corroded at the bottom... lower doorskin and the bottom section. What's the best way of fixing it. Repairing the existing door or getting a solid door and respraying it?  
04/04/2005 12:36:04   Alistair   Best way is to replace the door, if you can find one !(there are a pair of doors + a load of other bits on eBay at the mo)  
04/04/2005 14:44:33   simon   I currently have a very good pair of doors.
04/04/2005 16:59:58   Richard   Best bet is to buy those doors! Repairing is possible, but its hard to get a good finish unless you are very skilled with the welder or have a tig set up as the panel distorts with the heat.
The best way I found with my white car doors was to repair the inner door, then cut away the bottom of the door skin near to the line of the rubbing strip (rubbing strip removed). Then make a new bottom, shape it and joggle the top to fit behind the orginal. I then punched 6mm holes with a hand punch in the bottom of the original panel where the joggle overlaps, so I could plug weld the new panel from the outside (carnt get in to weld it from the rear). The bottom was then folded over the new inner door like the original and plug welded through another set of holes. All the welds were then dressed and seam sealent appllied to the inside joggle seam. A thin skim of upol filler and a lot of finishing and you have a solid door.  

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