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13/01/2003 14:51:50   Tom   I have some problems with the 'regulator box' associated with the alternator in my 96. The chap who just serviced the alteranor said i need a new reg box. Anyone who where i can get one. he said he can get a universal one for about 20.


14/01/2003 20:12:55   Curtis Muir   Hi Tom ,
I've got a few spare don't know if they will work but can send you one to try out ,always kept them when they became available of scrappers, just get in touch via e- mail and I'll help you out.

04/02/2003 13:59:38   Steve H   Or buy a reconditioned new alternator from halfords that has a built in regulator. With the help of a metal hifi strap you can get a 70A vectra alternator to fit.

Are you sure its the regulator that's at fault?  
27/02/2003 22:22:48   Tom   Thanks for that. I ended up paying the chap 20 quid to put the universal one in and all seems fine. I'm thinking of putting a rear window in with demister later in the year and i think i will need to go for this bigger alt. you mention.  

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