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04/04/2005 12:43:50   Richard   Anyone got any bits for one? Float required and choke linkages. I can probably make the linkages and find another carb in the weber range that uses a similar choke, but it would help if anyone has the bits. How hard was it to find? I found mine in Czech!!!  
06/04/2005 20:17:51   Alex   Congratulations on your findings. I have seen DFI's and sister types like DFO's and DGV's more than once on EBAY though (I check out EBAY UK, US and Germany on a regular basis) but they are scarce. Sometimes wrecked carbs turn up for little money or stock lots of spare parts. Are you missing a choke valve or another part in one of the throats (maybe I don't quite understand what you need; English isn't my native language and occasionally I am a bit at loss with technical terms)? If you miss a valve, what is the size? Maybe the valves from a 32/36 DGV have the same size; if so I have one for spare.


07/04/2005 07:55:21   Richard   No its the float in the float chamber all the jets and chokes are there which I can machine out to suit the larger engine size.
It has a small float chamber so most of the twin choke weber floats you think would fit dont. I found out that a 34 ich float would fit without too much problem.
The choke linkages are just the wire links between the choke levers which I can make by scaling some photo's up.
Thanks for the offer of help.  
08/04/2005 09:54:26   Alistair   Good find Rich!

Do you have a plan for where it'll end up?  
12/04/2005 12:46:15   Richard   I might build a Touring car up to go in the Groove Baby / Top Hat series. You can run grp 1 or grp 2 in that.  

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