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14/04/2005 17:06:35   Richard   I know this sounds a bit funny, but have you thought about adding a two stroke section to the web page. Its just that the two different engine cars are so similar (or so different to the rest to the Saabs) that I would have thought the same people would be interested in both and we can share ideas and add another dimension to the V4 web page. If you look on Saab scene and Sabb central there are a few people wanting to talk 2 Stroke.
Still keep the V4 web page name though.  
15/04/2005 18:30:27   ian   very very good idea being a smoker myself  
19/04/2005 08:37:33   Alec   idea is good enough, I just have so little time to do anything these days....  
19/04/2005 12:26:27   Richard   I know the feeling.  

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