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13/01/2003 18:22:01   dommy   has anybody had a go or can recommendd a kit, it would be great if i could get the beast started!!! for summmer!  
19/01/2003 21:34:35   Alistair   Lumenition do an excellent kit which uses replaces all the mechanical ignition parts (points, etc) with a light-triggered system. Available for loads of 60s & 70s cars & works a treat on V4s.  
22/01/2003 21:54:58   Tom   I have fitted a Pertronix electronic ignition to my 96 ('73) and not only did i do it in my lunchbreak at work well over a year ago but it has performed faultlessly ever since. I'd highly recommend the Pertronix. I got mine from Retro Rockets in the USA for about $60. I think some people in Britain sell them for around 70. Retro Rockets are great to deal with and sill ship it to you for minimal postage, but be aware, there wa sas customs stamp on my parcel requesting about 11. The postman handed it to a neighbour and forgot to request it.

I was going to write a little article for this site on the fitting of the Pertronix. However, all the pictures i took were out of focus - as i had only just got my digital camera and didn't realise it had a macro setting.  
04/02/2003 16:00:41   Steve H   Or get an ignitor from demon tweeks or europa. It fits inside the distributor,so no extra boxes and is cheaper than a luminition.  

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