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17/04/2005 14:07:36   Peter Klos   Hi all
I recently totaly rebuilt a saab v4 engine with new bearings , rings shaved head , valve seals etc .
It is loosing lots of oil other than an obvious small leak.

could some one advise if they know of what could be the problem , I think it is getting blown out of the exhaust pipe, no performance problems
18/04/2005 07:52:38   Richard   Well if its doing that I would be taking the heads off to have a look!. Has the block been bored correctly? I take it the engine is smoking? If its doing this all the time then I would be looking at pistons, rings, bores unless there is loads of play in the valve guides. Also check the oil ways aline to the heads, you looe the teardrop shape in the head when they are skimed (carnt see why it would cause a problem).  
18/04/2005 09:54:09   peter klos   Hi Richard
The engine was rebored with new pistons and rings so I cant see this as being the problem , valve guide seals were replaced , if the valves guides are faulty should I have oiled Plugs ? the plugs seem ok.
I had problems with fitting the inlet manafold , could this be leaking oil and sucking it up via the carbie ?

regards peter  
18/04/2005 10:07:31   Alistair   If it's not leaking then it has to be burning the oil, which means a problem with the new internals, surely? I can't see how else you would lose oil.

As Rich says, was the block bored correctly? Might not have been done as well as it should...  
18/04/2005 12:28:38   Richard   Yes you could have oil from under the inlet manifold going in the inlet. How much did you have skimmed off the heads and where they skimmed square. The more you take off the heads the further the V inlet manifold face moves away from one another. If the head was set up wrong when skimming it could have made this even worse. You could take the carb off and have a look. You would expect to see something on the plugs, like you mentioned earlier.
If you are getting blow past the piston ring then you would expect crankcase pressure to build up and force oil or vapour through the breather system. It could be worth while running the engine up to temp then seeing if you are venting alot or vapour. You should only see a small amount of smokie vapour.  

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