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17/04/2005 21:54:56   chaz   Hi, my mums 96 v4 will not start, it will turn over but not fire, it has a spark but it isn't particularly strong, i have checked the point and they seem to be ok and fuel is getting to the engine as it was flooded by my mum trying to start it. I tried to bump start it but it still didnt fire just sounded like it was going to but didnt. it sounds like its just about to go but doesent quite get there and i'm charging the battery overnight to see if this will help  
18/04/2005 07:46:39   Richard   Its probably the ignition timing. If you have a haynes manual it will show you how to set this up. If not get back to us and we will tell you.  
18/04/2005 10:01:47   Alistair   If the points have got a little burned this can upset the dwell angle & cause problems starting, check the surface & file smooth with emery if necessary, then check & double check the gap. Alternatively maybe your condensor or coil is iffy?  
18/04/2005 22:16:57   chaz   right, the car is fine now, the problem was that the auto choke was stuck in the off position and my dad srted that and now its fine and its going really well, starts almost instantly :). Thanks for you help.  

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