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18/04/2005 12:10:07   Highgate   You may have seen recently a set of our alloys reach two grand on e-bay! we were gobsmacked at the interest shown in them and the final winning price.
The down side to this is that a Swedish bidder named Ake was offered a second chance option as the next highest bidder and took it. Unfortunately this was a scam and he ended up with no wheels and great big hole in his bank account! (the fraud sqaud are involved in trying to recover his money, but we know how good his chances are
:( )
We feel that no SAAB enthusiast should suffer in such a way & after discussions with Ake we have decided to produce a batch of 100 wheels IF we reach this number it will enable us to give (gratis) a set of alloys for Ake to finish off his V4 and maintain some faith in mankind.
The wheels will be available June/July 2005 and are priced at 175.00 + vat each ( inc caps & bolts )
Besides making your car look great they are also a sound investment for the future, so you have two reasons to buy them !
We have said before that no more would be produced but circumstances dictate we should help a fellow enthusiast out.
This is the very LAST batch as the mould will be destroyed after the final casting.\

Mel & Ken

18/04/2005 12:18:50   Richard   When something looks too good to be true, there is usually a reason. This thing is becoming more and more of a problem.  
18/04/2005 12:54:16   Highgate   The only problem is when someone gets ripped off!
We are only trying to help a fellow enthusiast if that's a problem then question your own ethics! Were happy with ours!
We contacted SAAB clubs worldwide to take over the wheel project, but hey guess what! no takers
Trouble is everybody wants stuff, but nobody wants to put their hands in their pockets or get of their arses & do it!
remember that when weve gone!
18/04/2005 17:01:50   Richard   No dig Melv, just that this causes a problem for both the seller and buyer, I can understand your problem. There are loads of people getting bids on cars from faudulent people and its a big problem for Ebay.
We have rebuilt that sp2 box we got off you and made one really good box with a good LSD and like new syncros, the gears were very good for a rally set (I dont take anything to chance that goes in the rally beast)  
18/04/2005 17:48:51   mark   anyway back to the wheels.what size are the alloys  
18/04/2005 18:47:55   Senor Burt   How was this scam perpetrated?  
19/04/2005 07:37:43   Highgate   The wheels are 5J x 15 as per the original Ronals, check out the Compmotive website (they make the wheels for us )
The Swedish bidder was sent a second chance offer to purchase the wheels, claiming the high bidder had dropped out! and he took it.
The details he received were identical to the ebay format and he had no reason to think otherwise, but he did not pay through Paypal, He was asked to pay direct to a bank account!
The details he paid to were :-
Wyatt Zamora
6 St Albans St
if anybody knows him please contact me directly & if you are buying something of large value use PAYPAL only, otherwise you will have no redress if things go wrong.  
19/04/2005 14:12:52   Steve H   Ive just had a look on Muiltimap and the post code is for the UGC Cinema on the Haymarket.

Was the original advertiser for real or is this just a scam tried on failer bidders for any ebay high value auctions?  
20/04/2005 15:15:04   Richard   Just to point out I was refering to the crook buyer (Not the genuine one) in my first email on this topic. I was not refering to the remanufacture of the wheels.
'when something looks too good to be true' was refering to the high bid in the auction, I think the next line makes sence after that.
Just that some people seem to be thinking that I was saying dont remanufacture WHICH I AM NOT. I dont know how you make the first statement to read that, but answers on a post card....
20/04/2005 15:31:54   jonny   Richard, your email made perfect sense on my reading, I am sure the guys at Highgate do a great job but they seem to have some paranoia issues, no offence, Jonny  
15/05/2005 11:27:15   doug  
Embajada de Brazil
Consulado: 6, St Albans Street, London SW1Y 4SG Tel: 0207 318 1340  

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