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18/04/2005 13:26:27   mark   I want to change the colour of my 96 to red,do any of you have the paint code for the correct shade,my car is 1973.did the colour vary at all?  
18/04/2005 20:36:52   Paul   I have resprayed my 1973 to original colour Toreador Red. Saab paint code R2B. Have a look at Swedish Saab club site they have most of the history and codes on there.  
19/04/2005 17:50:24   mark   I will thanks paul.  
22/04/2005 14:56:35   Andrew   That's also possibly the best colour (says the 'beige' owner)  
22/04/2005 15:01:30   Andrew   That said, my first 96 was Toreador red and it faded very very severely over the course of the first 10 years of its life - could have been somethign to do with being by the sea. Still my favourite colour tho  
22/04/2005 17:06:59   mark   My saab is beige and the lady i bought it off had a 2pk paint kit in the boot in the same colour.but 96's look best in red.  
25/04/2005 15:53:40   Andrew   The red ones also had great dark red interior. Not that I'm not fond of my grubby orange....  
25/04/2005 19:16:25   mark   My interior is dark brown and in pretty good condition,i think this went with a red exterior.  

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