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19/04/2005 21:45:48   Tom   Hi, i am looking to insure my 1976 saab 96, this is the first time i have been able to insure it, as have had to fix it first! Anyways, i have tried a classic insurer to give me a quote and got back 2700 a year! limited to 5000 miles! this is incredably expensive, and i was wondering what insurers people would recomend? I am a student and am 19 years old and have no, no claims bonus so it isn't gonna be cheap but surely not that expensive? Any help will be greatly appreciated.  
20/04/2005 06:58:34   paul   Im also a student tom, have no no cliams, and have the saab on about 6500 miles per yer, parked on the road in the suburbs of bristol, for about 450 with Peter Best Insurance, they've got a website but i think you have to ring them for a quote. Also try Lancaster, and ive found Admiral can be very cheap for normal insurance, but i havnt tried putting an classic on normal insurance... could be worth checking out coz then you wont get a limited milage and compared to modern cars no one wants to nick them.  
20/04/2005 07:53:55   Richard   You need to be 25yrs for classic insurance in most cases. Try a normal insurance company, its a case of ringing round and hoping you are the flavour of the month. Its all a game and they just seem to alter prices all over the place depending where the wind is blowing.  
20/04/2005 08:41:24   paul   Im only 23 and ive had classic insurance since i was 20 with lancaster and peter best, it is do-able if you look around enough... good luck!
20/04/2005 08:52:15   jonny   Give Performance Direct a try I have found with a couple of cars recently that no one could come near them for price. Jonny  
20/04/2005 10:25:19   Tom   Cheers for the advice, that quote was off lancaster! but will try the other companies u mention and hopefully will find something better!  
20/04/2005 10:32:28   Alistair   Will always depend on your own circumstances, post code, points, any previous accident history etc. That said, 2700 is taking the proverbial somewhat.

Long time ago now but when I was a student I was a named driver on my mum's policy, and she hadn't even passed her test at that point ;-)  
20/04/2005 12:45:49   Tom   Have just rung up performance direct and they quoted over 2500! they just don't want to know when its ur only car and ur a student. Will keep trying i guess.
20/04/2005 13:57:09   Tom   have now tried peter best who don't want to know ethier. As soon as u mention 19 years old and student and classic car, they just don't want to know. Will keep looking tho. Guess admiral is worth a try.  
20/04/2005 14:46:28   Tom   Arrgh! have tried loads of companies and brokers, and have quotes ranging from 4100 to 2000 all far to high. Can't afford any of those premiums, so don't know what to do. Anyone who knows an insurer who isn't biased towards age (unlikely) let me know. Now i can see why so many cars are uninsured on the roads looking at these preimums prices.  
20/04/2005 16:41:14   Tom.K   Try 'Firebond' - they give you 10000 miles, and where much cheaper than performance direct. I started with them as l had an accident and was having a similar problem (quotes not quite as high as yours!).
Hopefully they can be of some help  
20/04/2005 17:07:36   bill rawles   How about trying the insurers who deal direct with the Saab Owners Club? I can't remember who they are and you might have to join the SOC but they should at least know properly what a V4 is and how low risk it is likely to be.  
20/04/2005 17:10:23   ian   try frizzels  
20/04/2005 18:29:55   Alistair   TPF&T has to be the thing to do if 1 years' fully comp is more than the replacement cost of the car!

Wouldn't bother with fully comp if I were in your position.

Also try & look at normal insurers rather than classic policies etc. I insured my 96 in my own name when I was 21 & it was about 350 TPF&T with no NCD.  
20/04/2005 18:31:48   Alistair   Oh, and that also included Class 1 biz use too!  
21/04/2005 11:17:59   Tom   Thanks for your help! firebond was really expensive! around 4000! but endsleigh were ok at 1100 or so for TPF&T so will prob have to go with that. was good, but got qoutes from 1800 to 6688! will have to try the SOC site and see if they can help.  
21/04/2005 22:03:44   kriss   TRY THE CIS CO-OP THERE ARE FAIR OR ELEPHANT ON LINE  
21/04/2005 22:03:53   kriss   TRY THE CIS CO-OP THERE ARE FAIR OR ELEPHANT ON LINE  
21/04/2005 22:03:55   kriss   TRY THE CIS CO-OP THERE ARE FAIR OR ELEPHANT ON LINE  
21/04/2005 22:03:57   kriss   TRY THE CIS CO-OP THERE ARE FAIR OR ELEPHANT ON LINE  
22/04/2005 22:20:16   Jon   try the National farmers' Union (NFU)  
28/07/2006 08:51:38   Adam   Being young does have it's benfits though! I remember my first car was an 18 year old fiesta which cos em 300 and my first year premium was 650 third party only.

Anyway, back on course, I got my 96 insured yeasterday through the Adrian Flux link in this forum. Cheapest quote I got.  

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