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22/04/2005 15:10:54   Andrew   I'm having a new sports system fitted this weekend (23 April) and will update this forum once I know how the car's running. Sorry to all of you who I promised this update to ages ago - been a bit tricky getting the car to the garage (or getting myself back from the garage). If anyone's in the Glossop area tomorrow morning, you'll hear me coming from about 5 miles away.  
03/05/2005 13:51:59   Andrew   The sports exhaust system bought from Sweden is now fitted. Richard Elliot of Saabtec (SOC technical adviser) fitted it and seemed impressed by the quality - he also said it was very straightforward to fit - better than the original part. According to the fitting instructions, the exhaust is a Simons Sportsystem - I've seen the name mentioned on the forum I think; don't know whether it's a well-known make. Having used the car this weekend, it still needs some fine-tuning to the carb but the engine is running really well, it warms up much more quickly than before and the exhaust adds a nice note to the V4 sound. It also has a nice shiny tail pipe (well, appearances do matter after all). All in all, I'm really pleased with it. With shipping, it cost around 170. It arrived from Sweden only a few days after ordering.
03/05/2005 16:59:40   Richard   My friend was quite happy with his from Rolf as well. I will have to have a look at the car sometime as I live at Stocksbridge which is not a million miles away.
Anyway I am off to try to get some 175 wide tyres for the 96 for the Hillclimb at Scamonden on Sunday.  
03/05/2005 18:41:08   Alistair   How'd it go at Scammonden, Rich?  
04/05/2005 07:58:10   Richard   Well I will tell you after this weekend Al??!???!!!!!?
Barrow's come up with an excuse not to go in his Pug 106  
04/05/2005 12:34:55   Richard   Just go the entry, its 96 v Ferrari Dino.  
06/05/2005 11:45:10   Stefan   Simons in Sweden is the same as Jetex in UK if I am not mistaken?  
06/05/2005 15:41:04   Alistair   Durr!!!??? Can't read dates properly...must keep taking the medicine...get new glasses...have a drink or six ;-)

96 vs Dino? No problem. The Dino will look beautiful but fail to start due to dodgy 70s italian electrics. 96 walks home victorious...well we can hope so anyway - Good Luck mate!

Simons = Jetex, correct.  
06/05/2005 18:08:18   Max   I've also fitted the Simons exhaust in my car.
The sound is very nice...but, it starts rusting from the moment you installe it! I have been driving one winter with it now and I estimate it to last maximum 2 more years. Would be nice to get some stainless steel system from somewhere. :-)

BTW: What was the price of the Simons-system?  
06/05/2005 18:09:45   Max   In Germany it costs 195, i.e. 145 pounds.  
06/05/2005 18:09:55   Max   In Germany it costs 195, i.e. 145 pounds.  
11/05/2005 16:50:10   Andrew   Richard: you're more than welcome to visit the Beige Beast(so called because of its old exhaust, so may have to be renamed). It's a basic road car, nothing exciting, I'm just trying to tidy it up a bit and make it go slightly better. Would probably help if I knew how to adjust the carb. It's one of Dave Barrow's (I think) old cars apparently - he saw it at Saabtec when the new exhaust was being fitted - small world I guess.
Especially if you can fit it yourself, there's still a few quid to be saved by having it shipped direct from Sweden over the Jetex price. Thank God for the Internet in my opinion.  
12/05/2005 07:49:04   Richard   Dave gets about a bit. We will have to meet up at some point.  

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