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22/01/2003 22:07:15   Tom   I recently had some new seat covers made for my 96. My brother took my original seat covers away with him to Texas in October and i collected the new ones at Christmas. A fantastic upholserer called Paul Moss of Texarkana did them in black with yellow piping for $350. That's the whole lot. Cheapest quote i got here was 400 without piping. I'll post pictures to Alec if anyone is interested in seeing them.

However, to the point of this: i've forgotten how the rear upright section of the seat assembles. Could anyone send me pictures of the rear upright section showing how the upholstery at the pivot point is done, or even pictures of it semi-undressed. if anyone near Sheffield has one i could drop by and take a look.

Appreciate anything.  
31/01/2003 12:55:57   Alec   Thanks for the info Tom. I'm sure that this may be useful to some of our visitors.  
09/02/2003 12:11:19   bill rawles   Hi Tom. I saw this plee a while ago but couldn't help due to blown head-gasket. However I am now back on the road again so could meet you somewhere next weekend (15/16 feb) if you are not yet sorted.  
27/02/2003 22:19:02   Tom   Hi Bill,

Sorry about the delay but i am working in New Zealand and today is the first time i've looked at this site in a month. I had to as i wanted to see the picture of my car in the gallery. I'm driving a Holden here and miss the V4.
Thanks for your kind offer. I did actually manage to work it in the end, though it was a sod to do. the new seat covers look great. Next project is a horrible noise from the transmission, but it goes if i use the freewheel. I don't know what it is but it sounds expensive.

Very few 96 V4's here. I have seen lots of old British cars though and because they don't salt the roads they are in perfect condition.  

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