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26/04/2005 13:41:34   Tom.K   I recently put a replacement gearbox in my saab. Everything is working fine accept, l have no speedo. The speed cable worked before l swopped the box. How tight should it be at the box? is hand tight enough? or is it something internal?

Any pointers would be great, and preferably ones that don't require to having the engine out again!  
26/04/2005 16:57:45   mark   was it a recon or a 'spare' because if its been over filled with oil it can wreck the speedo drive mechanisiam in the gearbox  
27/04/2005 07:42:11   bill rawles   Try swopping the drive from your last box. It should be screwed in to the box a bit tighter than hand tight or it will just vibrate loose but don't go mad.

Try jacking up the front of the car and running it in gear to see if you can see the speedo drive turning. Be very careful that the car is secure and that you dont get your clothing caught in anything rotating. If the drive is turning then it must be the cable.  

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