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27/04/2005 11:42:43   mark   Anyone know of a supplier for brake pads and fittings in the essex area or anywhere?have emailed highgate twice with no reply.  
27/04/2005 11:43:42   mark   Sorry thats for a 1973 96v4  
27/04/2005 12:53:37   Alistair   Try ECP or any decent motor factors (yellow pages) - they should be able to get them for you. You could also try Elkparts (  
27/04/2005 16:46:09   Mel   Havn't received any emails from you about brake pads!
But we do have them in stock, give us a ring and we will mail a set  
27/04/2005 17:57:34   mark   Odd about the emails i did them from the link above.I will ring you and order some.thanks  

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